Design Process

1. What happens during the initial consultation phase?

During the Initial consultation, our experienced designer will visit your home to take measurements, photographs and to get a feel for your personal taste and preferences. Discussed will also be color selection, owned furniture items, and other design details that you would like to utilize in your new design plan. At the conclusion of the consultation, your designer will schedule an appointment in our showroom to present their design ideas for your space.

2. Explain how a client design plan is created.

Following an initial consultation, your designer will return to the store to create a custom layout, or floorplan and research products and textiles that will meet your particular design project. Your designer will likely brainstorm with other members of our design team to ensure a cohesive design that is both functional and beautiful. Once the basic layout or selections are made, estimating and also fine-tuning will follow before the final presentation.

3. How is the design plan presented to the client?

Your design plan will be presented to you in our showroom unless circumstances do not allow it. This aspect of the presentation is extremely important as it will allow you to see, touch and feel some of the elements that will be incorporated into your space.

4. How does the process work between designer and client?

The relationship between a designer and you, the client, is built upon trust. At SugarBakers, your home design must reflect you, your needs and your style. It is our job to listen and make your vision for your home a reality. Open communication is key. Your designer will email, text or phone you to keep you informed of the progress of your project without overwhelming you.

5. How long will the project usually take to complete?

That’s a tricky one. If you simply need new upholstery items, such as a sofa and chairs or a dining room table and rug that can be purchased in our showroom, your project can be installed and completed in a matter of a couple weeks. More intensive projects that include custom upholstery, custom drapery and/or special order case goods, for instance, will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete once a deposit is taken. Some projects, like remodels and new construction, will take much longer depending on a variety of environmental factors such as weather, lead time for materials, and custom orders and the contractor. However, retaining the services of a designer during such projects can help you, the client, avoid costly mistakes early on in the building process.